The 10th June 2015 in bacup a full day course was arranged for a groups of interested business, and land owners. but why was this day significant.

It was the first off site training provided by sympathetic works, since the business launch late 2014.

Sympathetic works set up this taster day alongside Rossendale Borough Council‘s very own THI program in Bacup’s very own Stubbylee Park.

The venue that was chosen for these courses was Bacup’s very own Stubbylee stables and the connected grounds.

The land once belonged to the Holt family who built the hall in 1808. In 1911 the land was given to the towns people.

The taster day consisted of a brief discussion in the morning.

By late morning the participants where then taken on a tour of the surrounding grounds,.

  • the stable and court yard was first,
  • the vegetable garden,
  • the hall’s exterior and the hall’s service yard.

Discovering more.

The students after lunch were then involved in a practical lime pointing training.

The students where shown a demonstration of how to make Quick Lime Mortar Mix. Also how to use lime mortar correctly on any heritage construction.

After being shown how to use the right conservation materials, they were given the opportunity to try lime pointing.

As the day progressed, the students where given more of an understanding of the history of construction in Bacup.

This became more apparent in the comments of the attendees.

The knowledge they receive will help them properly care for any heritage building they have the privilege to oversee.

Bacup is proclaimed as the best preserved cotton town in England, by the English Heritage.

Its town centre is designated as a conservation area for its special architectural qualities.

Our practical courses have always been a favorite of all our student, and if you would like to arrange for a taster day please don’t hesitate to ask.