Congratulations to the new King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms.

On the 6th of May 2023, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the rest of the World were invited to watch via TV broadcasting as King Charles III and Queen Camila (Queen Consort) were crowned as the new King and Queen of the UK and Commonwealth.

A symbolic formality, the coronation does not signify the official beginning of the monarch’s reign; their reign commences from the moment of the preceding monarch’s death (the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II), maintaining the legal continuity of the monarchy.

For some who have not researched or witnessed a Coronation before, the thought of a new ruler would be daunting. Yet for the UK and its commonwealth states, the King or Queen is not the head of a governing monarchy as seen in other countries.

What the Winsor family holds is the role of representing the country; the Sovereign and their family act as a focus for national identity, unity and pride.

The Winsor family’s part is to provide the people of the UK and Commonwealth a sense of strength and continuity, to officially recognise success and excellence, and to support the ideal of voluntary service.

Many can not remember the last time a monarch was crowned and the traditions accompanying the procedure. It had been reported that many practices would be adapted or removed as they no longer apply to the modern country.

There had been around 2,200 people that were invited to attend the coronation ceremony in person. This included members of the royal family, representatives of the Church of England and other Christian denominations, prominent politicians from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, foreign royalty, heads of state and heads of government.

The ceremony was broadcast live via TV Broadcasting centres and on social media, with the BBC reporting to have had a peak of 13.4 million; this figure fluctuated throughout the day.

The HE Team would like to congratulate King Charles and Queen Camila on their new roles, and they wish them the very best for the future.

Information on the Royal Family of the United Kingdom can be found on the official website. Click here.